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Nawf Atlanta Rapper HotBoi Skullie Delivers Visuals For "Check"

Buzzing Nawf Atlanta, Georgia Music Artist Hotboi Skullie is back another with another visual titled "Check". Probably around a year ago, we met a talented music artist by the name of Hotboi Skullie, a Atlanta emcee who was making a massive wave in the scene with his unique flow and one-of-a-kind sound, and it didn’t take long at all for us to become a fan. In fact, we think after the first song we heard, we instantly hopped right on the bandwagon, and he started to really take off ever since.

The song itself is a banger from the very moment you press play thanks to a remarkable beat crafted by Breitling Beats, an infectious hook, and additionally impressive verses, but the Sincerely Mizu directed video really levels this release up.


Right after listening to this track a couple of times, we had to go check out Hotboi Skullie’s full discography, which left us just as impressed as this song did. We're hyped to keep up with this upcoming star, and plan on doing another interview with him in the near future. Stay tuned!

Check out Hotboi Skullie’s single and new visual to “Check” on YouTube below!

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