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Natasia - Miss Me

Detroit, Michigan singer Natasia delivers her new single titled "Miss Me". Natasia is an artist whose name had crossed our path a few times in the past year, though for some reason, we never got around to featuring her in an article. Even though our knowledge about her is somewhat limited at the moment, her recurring presence across multiple media platforms left us with no doubt that she is a singer worth keeping a close eye on.

Natasia represents one of the many talented music artists that the city of Detroit has to offer, and today marks her debut on our website with the release of her brand new single, "Miss Me." From the very first moment we immersed ourselves in Natasia's music, it was evident that she possessed a wealth of talent and potential. One of the initial striking aspects we observed is her ability to sing with a rare charisma, a quality that's not encountered every day. What's even more astonishing is that she has continued to evolve and refine her craft as an artist since then.

Take a few moments out of your Wednesday to listen to this fresh song below, and if Natasia's music resonates with you, stay tuned for her upcoming releases by following her on Instagram.


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