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Mystikal & Soulja Slim (1998)

In 1998, the New Orleans music scene witnessed a significant chapter as Mystikal and Soulja Slim became pivotal members of No Limit Records. Before joining the label, Mystikal and Master P shared stages in the early '90s, opening for Eddie Griffin. Mystikal, having secured a deal with Jive Records, felt discontent with his marketing and buzz surrounding the song "Here I Go." Big Boz and Master P swiftly intervened when they caught wind of the situation.

In a bold move in 1996, Master P and his team flew from California to New York, barging into the Jive Records building unannounced. They demanded to meet Barry Weiss, the CEO. Despite Mystikal's existing contract and a debt of 350k, Master P promptly wrote a check, making Mystikal an official No Limit Soldier.

Soulja Slim's entry into No Limit was a significant move, not only due to his street credibility but also because of his close ties with Cash Money Records. Hailing from the Magnolia Projects, a contrast to Master P's Calliope Projects roots, Slim had affiliations with key figures in the Cash Money camp. Despite initially crossing paths through a robbery attempt on one of P's producers, Slim expressed his desire to turn his life around through music. Master P, initially skeptical, eventually took Slim under his wing after hearing recommendations from numerous individuals in the city.

On May 19, marking 25 years since his debut album "Give It To Em Raw" was released on No Limit Records, Soulja Slim's journey with the label remains a pivotal moment in the history of New Orleans hip-hop.

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