Mynk Amillyón Drops Visuals For "Relate" Featuring T'Melle

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St. Louis, Missouri female artist Mynk Amillyón drops visuals for "Relate" featuring T'Melle. We have been big fans of Mynk Amillyón for a while now and today after listening to her new single, we know she will become a bigger fan of NOLAZINE after this article as well.

Watch Mynk Amillyón Interview With Nolazine TV

Her unique ability to switch up styles and come off in different ways depending on the type of song she’s creating. We came across a new song she had with T'Melle and we had to check it out. This pairing was bond to happen, but we knew the immense amounts of talents both artists have, so we was confident that they’d know how to not only make this track work but make it shine as well.

“Relate” is the name of this brand-new hit and after giving it our initial listen, we knew our premonitions were correct. Although they sound so different, it’s the change of pace about halfway through that really makes this song truly dynamic and impressive. The production is built through blithe keys mixed with relaxed, lighthearted synths, refreshing percussion, and some impactful yet toned down drums. This beat paves the way for T'Melle's voice to shine from the moment of its inception until the very last second of the record.

Instagram: @MynkAmillyon

Watch Mynk Amillyón - Relate ft. T'melle Below:

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