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Ms. Tee (1996)

In 1996, in New Orleans, LA, Ms. Tee, initially known as Terrible Tee, became the first female artist signed to Cash Money Records at the age of 14. Sneaking into clubs with Cheeky Blakk, she showcased her talents, catching the attention of Slim, Birdman's brother. After a meeting with Baby and Slim, the name Ms. Tee was coined.

Associated with early Cash Money members like BG, UNLV, and Pimp Daddy, Ms. Tee rose to prominence in the "Bounce" music scene. Her first studio recording was in 1993's Get Em Up Nigga with Pimp Daddy.

Known as the "Hook Queen," Ms. Tee collaborated with artists like Soulja Slim, Pimp C, and Bun B, earning recognition. She released two solo projects on Cash Money Records, Having Thing$ in '95 and Female Baller the following year. Despite leaving the label in '97 over financial disputes, just before their major Universal deal, Ms. Tee's legacy endures in Hip-Hop, paving the way for future label signees and local artists.

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