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Montana 700 - Myself

Buzzing Dallas, Texas rapper Montana 700 releases music video for "Myself" inspired by the ending of FX's hit show "Snow Fall". Dallas stands as a city teeming with an abundance of musical talent, as though one could dedicate decades to studying and supporting the scene, yet the rapid influx of these talents remains relentless, making it impossible to keep up. In the midst of this, we introduce a creative force hailing from Dallas, who goes by the name Montana 700. Today, he makes his debut appearance on NOLAZINE with his freshly released track titled "Myself." Montana 700's mastery of cutthroat rapping instantly captivated us, presenting three minutes and twenty seconds of unadulterated bars that intricately dissect the beat with precision.

There's a certain moment when encountering a new artist that unveils their potential impact and authenticity. Imbibing their music offers a window into their fervor, inspirations, and unbridled adoration for the art they craft. Establishing such an intimate connection with artists is a rare occurrence, but when it transpires, it becomes impossible to overlook. This succinct preamble brings us to the focus of this discussion, our recent discovery - Montana 700. While details about this incredibly gifted Hip Hop Artist might be scarce, one undeniable fact emerges: Montana 700 is an artist warranting close scrutiny, and his latest release, "Myself," stands as a compelling exemplar of an artist you'll want to acquaint yourself with.

Connect with Montana 700 on Instagram to explore his journey:

Instagram: @MONTANA.700

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