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Miami, FL Music Artist ProjectBarbie AR Drops "Run That Money Up"

Miami, Florida music artist ProjectBarbie AR drops visuals for "Run That Money Up". Today marks an exciting moment as we turn our attention to an undiscovered talent hailing from the lively state of Florida. ProjectBarbie AR emerges as a vibrant newcomer on the NOLAZINE stage with her powerful debut track, "Run That Money Up."

Clocking in at just over two minutes, "Run That Money Up" bursts forth with an intense vigor, placing ProjectBarbie AR's charisma at the forefront amid a backdrop of electrifying, high-energy production. She undoubtedly stands tall among Florida's array of talented music artists. Today, she graces our platform once more, unveiling the brand-new music video for her track, "Run That Money Up."

From the initial encounter with ProjectBarbie AR's music, her immense talent and future prospects shine brightly. What immediately captures attention is her magnetic rap style, setting her apart in the realm of music. Even more impressive is her consistent growth and evolution as an artist.

Take a pause this Wednesday to dive into this exhilarating new visual journey. If ProjectBarbie AR's music resonates with you, stay tuned for her future releases by connecting with her on Instagram. This marks just the beginning of an exciting expedition for this remarkably talented artist.

Connect with ProjectBarbie AR on Instagram: @PROJECTBARBIE_AR

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