Miami, Florida Artist Pekkkoo B Drops "BBH"

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Miami, Florida music artist Pekkkoo B drops visuals for "BBH“ shot by @NTRO4K. The lyrical talents and razor-sharp delivery of female rapper Pekkkoo B has returned with a special delivery comprised off her new visual. One thing that deserves all the praise in the world is the ability to find that one pocket in the track and remain in it for the entirety of the record. On “BBH”, Pekkkoo B does just that, as she effortlessly spreads her wings and glides over the catchy instrumental.

If we take a step back and analyze the current climate of the underground rap scene, there are a lot of female rappers that are holding it down and working hard to gain that recognition that they deserve. For the longest, it seemed as if there were only a small handful of females that would emerge into the spotlight–but as of late, there are new female rappers that are beginning to become more and more dominant as the years progress. We have always been one to praise the female rappers just because there are many of them that showcase a certain talent level and the ability to stand toe-to-toe with many of the male rappers out there.

Coming fresh out of Florida, female rapper Pekkkoo B making her NOLAZINE debut with her latest music video for her track “BBH”

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