Memphis, TN Female Rapper Greedy2X Drops "I Want It All"

Memphis, TN female Rapper Greedy2X drops visuals to "I Want It All" with a theme beat that comes from rapper Jeezy's "I Seen It All." Although we're impressed by a lot of the unique up and coming female artist in the current state of rap music.

We always get this feeling of satisfaction when we recognize a sample used in a track we are hearing for the first time. This is what initially made us listen to “I Want It All,” by Greedy2x, and we're happy we continued to listen because she proved to be quite the talent.

While we enjoyed hearing a familiar sample, we're also worried that an artist may botch it when making it their own and implementing it into their track. However, Greedy2x proves to have a good ear, picking a beat that maintains the soulful nature of the sample while adding a groovy, compelling aspect to it that is further complemented by Greedy's delivery.

Watch "I Want It All" Now Below:


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