"Luv dat OG"

Written & Edited by: Moe Nation

  As soon as you meet the JetLife General, you can feel the spirit of the City in his aura.  Not to mention that you can smell him three blocks before you see him, smelling like four pounds of California's finest kush.  Nobody embraces Orleans Parish quite like The Big Homie.  Mr.Marcelo is hand's down the definition of an OG, and his reputation speaks for itself.  As much as he represents the City of New Orleans, the streets got love 4 Marcelo, too. (All pun intended.)  

  When I think of Celo, words like legendary, prolific, and consistency come to my mind. For the last 20 years Mr.Marcelo has not only set the tone, but he has raised the bar with iconic records like Streets Got Luv 4 Me, Son of Magnolia, Godfather & The Big Homie.  Let's not forget the classics like Brick Livin', Bumpy Johnson, The Return of The Big Homie & OG Luv Dat OG series.  At the end of this November, Mr.Marcelo will be adding the  fifth installment to the legendary OG Luv dat OG series.  That's right, this Black Friday - on November 25th, The JetLife General will be releasing: OG Luv Dat OG Volume 5.  The Big Homie is back.

  If you have never had an opportunity to sit in on a studio session with someone as solidified as Mr. Marcelo, then you have to understand that he is not your average rapper.  He is much more than an MC, Marcelo is an artist is every single aspect of the word.  Watching him work in the studio was like watching Michael Jordan on the basketball court doing what he does best.  Allow me to paint this picture...  

  After rolling a few joints The Big Homie finds his seat in the studio, leaning back with his notepad on his lap, the ashtray on his side, and the instrumental bleeding through the speakers.  As he slips and slides off into his zone, Johnny Beatz keeps the walls shaking.  Now you can start to feel the song in your soul.  The OG waste no time before his pen takes over and you can experience a true artist as he writes from the heart.  It is like watching Pablo Picasso with a paint- brush.  The JetLife General is nothing short of a genius.

  When Marcelo steps into  the booth, it's like the preacher stepping up to the pulpit.  Spitting the realest shit I've ever heard,  Mr.Marcelo raps in a language that has only been spoken by other artists such as James Tapp Jr., Tupac Shakur, Chad Butler, and Sean Carter.  When I asked Mr.Marcelo to describe his music in five words, he said, "It's timeless and it's music for the soul!"  Honestly, I could not have said it any better.  

  No wonder why he has been in the industry for over 20 years, and he continues to stay relevant.  There is a reason why nobody in the music industry has ever had something negative to say about Mr.Marcelo.  It's because The Big Homie has always maintained his core beliefs as a man and conducted himself with respect. He has never run from who he is, and he still  embraces who he is, The Big Homie.  Always giving back to the community, mentoring younger artist, and keeping them focused on their business.  He is the definition of a Hometown hero.

  Mr.Marcelo doesn't have hatin' bone in his body.  He is super positive, and is always uplifting to his people.  When other rappers hated on the younger generation, Celo was taking younger artist under his wing, guiding them, and showing them a better way.  Marcelo's presence can definitely change the temperature in the room.  He brings to the table a great amount of wisdom, knowledge, and experience.  It is safe to say that The OG is one of the greatest of all time.  

  Mr.Marcelo raises the bar with each project and on this  Black Friday, November 25th, there will be a new level of standards when it comes to this NOLA Hip Hop.  OG Luv Dat OG Volume 5 is nothing short of a classic.  From The OG's beat selection to the substance behind his bars, Mr.Marcelo does it again!  This is exactly what the game has been missing.  I mean let's keep it all the way a hundo', right.  Can you name a classic album that has hit the shelves in today's generation?  Don't worry, I'll wait…. Exactly.  If you love great records and if you are the type that appreciates a solid project, from beginning to end, just an overall classic body of work.  Then this is the album for you.

  Have no fear, Black Friday is right around the corner, and The Big Homie is back!  It's official like a referee with a whistle- and trust me- it doesn't get any better than this!  "Say dat!"

  The Godfather, The OG, New Orleans's finest, The Jetlife General, The Big Homie- Mr.Marcelo.

NOVEMBER 25, 2019

JetLife Presents


OG LUV DAT OG  Volume 5

Written & Edited by: Moe Nation


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