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Luh Co - Confused

Morgan City, Louisiana rapper Luh Co releases visuals for "Confused" directed by The Architeck. We spend a lot of days connecting with different artists and learning about them in a way that goes deeper than their Spotify Discography. You take away music and all we’re left with are the relationships we’ve made, which is why its so important that we not only feature good musicians on here but also support them and try to build a genuine connection. Luh Co is definitely an artist to watch out for.

One of the strongest tools at a rapper’s disposal that can set them apart from other artists is the tone of their voice. It’s an underrated quality that often goes unnoticed, but we are sure if most of us think of our own favorite rappers, each of them would have a distinct and memorable vocal quality. Enter Luh Co, a promising emcee from Louisiana who’s self-assured, gravelly presence on his new track "Confused" makes exactly the type of first impression that leaves a lasting impact.


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