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Louisville, Kentucky Artist TN Steph Drops Visuals For "Go Through Bricks"

Louisville, Kentucky rapper Tn Steph drops visuals for "Go Through Bricks". We've already introduced several talented artists on our website today, and our latest addition to NOLAZINE features the rap artist known as Tn Steph, who has just unveiled an impressive new music video titled "Go Through Bricks." While our knowledge of Tn Steph was limited prior to this track, it took just a few seconds into the song to recognize his substantial talent. His rap flow is impeccable, and he has clearly mastered the art of crafting an appealing record.

"Go Through Bricks" offers seamless transitions between each hook, resulting in a captivating and well-rounded music video. It's a must-listen in our book. Set aside some time on your Saturday to enjoy this new video on YouTube, and you might just discover your new favorite artist in the process.


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