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Louisiana Native Nina Laretta Releases Visuals For "Bout That"

Introducing the rising talent hailing from Louisiana, Nina Laretta, as she unveils the powerful visuals for "Bout That." From the very first frame to the final scene, Nina Laretta weaves a compelling tapestry of vivid and thought-provoking imagery, fearlessly delving into the most fiercely debated topics within today's music industry. Despite possessing an exceptional flow, unparalleled wordplay, and a distinct attitude that sets her apart, Nina Laretta's immense talent often goes unnoticed and underappreciated within the industry.

When it comes to disregarding the opinions and feelings of others, and refusing to conform, Nina Laretta reigns supreme, embracing her authenticity unapologetically. She fearlessly expresses her thoughts, boldly addressing subjects that others might shy away from or find controversial. Her unwavering voice reaches her audience without any hint of remorse. It is this rawness and audacity that have earned her a well-deserved place in NOLAZINE's spotlight, alongside her remarkable lyricism and unique delivery of these provocative topics. Nina Laretta never shies away from confrontation; on the contrary, she actively seeks it out. As a bold female artist, Nina Laretta undeniably has something important to say, whether her listeners agree or not. With her fearless nature, we hold great expectations for her future, just as her dedicated fans do.

Don't miss the captivating visuals for "Bout That" and make sure to follow Nina Laretta on Instagram for more updates on her remarkable journey. She is an artist poised for greatness, ready to challenge conventions and leave an indelible mark on the music industry. With Nina Laretta on the rise, Louisiana has yet another rising star to be proud of, and her journey promises to be one filled with remarkable achievements.


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