Los Angeles, California Native DomoFlowJoo Releases Visuals To "My Senses"

Updated: May 12

Los Angeles, California native DomoFlowJoo releases visuals to "My Senses". As a writer, there’s truly no greater joy than finding a new artist and having the opportunity to pass it along to others. What’s even better though is that we also have the distinct privilege of finding great people and getting to tell others about them. We spend a lot of days connecting with different artists and learning about them in a way that goes deeper than their Spotify Discography. You take away music and all we’re left with are the relationships we’ve made, which is why its so important that we not only feature good musicians on here but also support them and try to build a genuine connection.

It’s nothing but amazing when an artists really take the time out to perfect their craft and figure themselves out, to the point where they are happy with the product that they are putting out. You can make countless music day in and day out, but it takes time to really hone in and figure out what direction you would like to go in for a certain single, or for the remainder of your career. DomoFlowJoo is definitely an artist to watch out for. Check Out her latest music video "My Senses" Below:


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