Los Angeles, CA Artist Henny West Drops Visuals For "Sit Down"

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Los Angeles,California artist Henny West drops visuals for "Sit Down" shot by: @histcity_la. Clocking just over three minutes and five seconds, "Sit Down" is the kind of breezy, easygoing listen that serves well in such an uncertain time. Match all of this with the strong signal of widely-applicable rap skills, and it makes sense why Henny West is being praised as a promising upcoming artist on just his latest release.

There’s no singular formula to a hit song, but there are certainly elements that flag a record as special. Two that come to mind are the following: first, the song has to be easy on the ears and simple to throw on repeat, and second, in combination with the first, the melodies and/or lyrics need to embed themselves in the listener’s brain, becoming an ear worm of sorts. These two aspects are strong indicators of a record that listeners will revisit and sing along too, and thankfully, Henny West latest release "Sit Down" checks off both boxes.



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