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Long Live Jigga Money! A Promising New Orleans, Louisiana Music Artist Who Was On His Way

Harvey, Louisiana native JIGGA MONEY was a rising artist in Louisiana. Now having soared almost over a million streams on Youtube, with his infamous music video "Jigga Flow" with no promotion or a Co-Sign.

It’s clear that Jigga Money was on his way and "Snake Tape" is a must-listen. Recently released after the untimely death of Jigga. Soundtracking the raw emotions around his latest EP "Snake Tape" in the age of social media, it’s bright, it’s upbeat, and it’s notably topical, relying just as much on the ear worm melodies as it does such a widely-applicable subject. Today, revisiting the project, interview with us at Nolazine, and his past music videos remembering Jigga Money for the talented rapper he was.

We recently had a chance to sit down with Jigga Money before his passing for an interview to discuss where his name comes from, upcoming projects and more.

Here is a little timeline of the Music Videos Jigga Money has released.

Jigga Money "Ina Rain"

Jigga Money "From The Block"

Jigga Money "Money All The Time"

Jigga Money Photoshoot With Free Water

Jigga Money "Shake Back"

Jigga Money "Slime Ways"

Jigga Money "Slatt"

(Unreleased) Jigga Money "GG" Featuring Mario P

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