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London, UK Singer V'Nessa Releases Visuals To "Helpless"

London, UK singer V'Nessa releases visuals to "Helpless" directed by @VisualsByMCTV. V'Nessa is going to be one of the biggest newcomers in r&b by the end of the year. The talent is just too immense and she’s surround by what seems like the best production team in the industry right now in @ENZSounds. Her latest record “Helpless” is another solid flushed out single that will have r&b lovers pressing play over and over again.

V'Nessa's sound is a great balance between the new and production of r&b. What is going to get hardcore traditionalists to listen to her music will be the passion in her vocals. On the other side of the spectrum for the new generation, the trap soul leaning sound of her production she’s on will be more than enough to keep their attention along with her content. It’s more exciting that V'Nessa has put her new single on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. It shouldn’t be long before we see V'Nessa rolling out new singles leading up to a project.

Watch V'Nessa latest release “Helpless” below:

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