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London, UK Singer Supriya Delivers Visuals For "One Time" Featuring Nightz

London, United Kingdom Singer Supriya delivers visuals for "One Time" featuring Nightz a Link Up TV Exclusive. The whole entire song is just a vibe that’s impossible to not sing along to. The melodies and harmonization are borderline professional. The subtle aspects that Supriya integrates into this one are so important when it comes to the fullness of the track. We're not lonely whatsoever, but after hearing Supriya sing about this feeling, we can somehow relate. The upside of this star in the making is ridiculous and we're so excited to see what she does in the future.

We became fans of Supriya a year ago and we know she will become a fan of Nolazine after this article as well. Her unique ability to switch up styles and come off in different ways depending on the type of song she’s creating. We came across a new song she had with Nightz and we had to check it out. This pairing was bond to happen, but we knew the immense amounts of talents that both of those artists have, so we was confident that they’d know how to not only make this track work but make it shine as well.



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