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Licia Lee - In My Bag

Griffin, Georgia music artist Licia Lee releases visuals for "In My Bag". Several talented artists have already made their debut on our website today, and we're excited to introduce the latest addition to NOLAZINE – music artist Licia Lee, who has just dropped an impressive new music video titled "Better."

While our knowledge about Licia Lee was limited before this track, it took only a few seconds into the song to recognize her substantial talent. Licia Lee exhibits a captivating rap flow and a clear mastery of crafting an engaging record. The song features seamless transitions between each hook, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable music video that is undoubtedly a must-listen in our books. Take a moment out of your Wednesday to check out this new video on YouTube, and who knows, you might just discover your new favorite artist in the process.

Stay connected with Licia Lee on Instagram: @THELICIALEE.

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