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Li Pop - Cocky

Birmingham, Alabama music artist Li Pop releases visuals for "Cocky". If you're in need of a soulful melody to kick off your weekend, look no further – we've got the perfect recommendation for you. Li Pop entered our musical radar just a week ago, and we're confidently predicting that 2024 will be the year he transforms from a household name to a bona fide superstar. Having had the privilege of watching his debut music video in its entirety, it's abundantly clear that Li Pop is crafting music with enduring appeal.

There's a distinct moment in the journey of discovering a new artist when you realize the profound impact they're bound to make and the authenticity behind their artistry. Simply immersing yourself in their music offers a window into their passion, influences, and genuine love for the craft. This rare and intimate connection with artists doesn't occur frequently, but when it does, it's impossible to overlook. This brings us to the focal point of this post and our recent revelation – Li Pop. While much remains unknown about this incredibly talented Hip Hop Artist, one thing is undeniable – Li Pop demands your close attention, and his latest single, "Cocky," serves as an indelible testament to an artist you'll undoubtedly want to acquaint yourself with.

Connect with Li Pop on Instagram: @LIPOP7

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