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Laura Golde Delivers Music Video For "Tug Of War" Live Performance

Atlanta, Georgia, has become home to R&B artist Laura Golde, originally hailing from Florida. With her latest release, "Tug of War," Golde showcases her musical prowess through captivating visuals. While we had come across her name several times in the past year, it's regrettable that we hadn't featured her in an article until now. However, the more we saw her presence on various media platforms, the more evident it became that she is an R&B artist who demands our attention.

Laura Golde represents just one of the many exceptionally talented music artists emerging from the vibrant state of Florida. Today, she makes her grand debut on our website with the unveiling of her brand new music video for "Tug of War." From the moment we first encountered Golde's music, her immense talent and potential were instantly apparent. There's a unique charisma in her voice that sets her apart, and what's even more astonishing is witnessing her growth as an artist since then. Take a few minutes out of your Tuesday to immerse yourself in this captivating visual experience. If you resonate with Laura Golde's music, make sure to stay updated on her future releases by following her on Instagram.

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