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Lah9 Drops Visuals For "Nine" Pt. 3

New Orleans, Louisiana rapper Lah9 drops visuals for "Nine" pt. 3. The rap scene in New Orleans perpetually introduces fresh names, making it an anticipated norm rather than a surprise. While many of these artists align with the rugged urban origins of their locality, crafting unfiltered and bold Trap music, Lah9's emergence as an artist carves a truly astonishing narrative. His sonic identity diverges from the conventional New Orleans sound, and although our recent exposure to his music places us at the beginning of his journey, it's unmistakably clear that he employs his distinctiveness as a driving force toward a well-deserved ascent into the spotlight.

Lah9 undeniably stands among the multifaceted talents that flourish in the vibrant city of New Orleans. Today, he marks his debut appearance on NOLAZINE by unveiling his latest music video for "Nine" pt. 3. From the very inception of our engagement with Lah9's musical output, his abundant talent and potential became vividly evident. Notably, his captivating charisma while rapping stood out as a rarity. Remarkably, he has elevated his artistry even further since then. Set aside a fraction of your Thursday to submerge yourself in this newly unveiled visual masterpiece. If Lah9's music resonates with you, ensure that you remain attuned to his forthcoming releases by extending your support through his Instagram platform.


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