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Lah Bxa - My Own

West-Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana native Lah Bxa drops visuals for "My Own". We're back today with another hidden gem, this time coming from Louisiana. Emerging as a leading name out of his state, rising talent Lah Bxa is here to make a loud entrance onto NOLAZINE with the anthemic offering, "My Own".

Just over three minutes and forty minutes in length, "My Own" sets forth a demanding note of energy, with Lah Bxa charisma leading the way amongst such menacing, high-octane production. There’s a hint of the Southern Culture in the way that the drums hit, but looking further into this one, it’s clear that the melodic flare sets Lah Bxa aside from his peers, especially when considering the way he balances this sound with the rhythm of the song.


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