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Kirachii - Shimmy Shimmy

photography credit: @Gabriels.Loft.Photography

Detroit, Michigan music artist Kirachii drops visuals for "Shimmy Shimmy". Although Kirachii may not enjoy widespread airplay, mainstream media adoration, or top-charting hits, we ardently believe she stands as one of the most influential emerging artists from Detroit at this juncture. The readiness of the mainstream industry to embrace her distinctive sound, or whether they are simply apprehensive of such a unique offering, remains uncertain.

Kirachii is an unpolished gem that the vibrant city of Detroit boasts, and today she marks her debut on NOLAZINE with the release of her latest music video, "Shimmy Shimmy." From the very first encounter with Kirachii's music, it was unmistakably clear that she possessed a rich vein of talent and potential. Notably, her charismatic rap style, a quality not commonly found, was one of the initial standout features. Remarkably, she has continued to evolve and mature as an artist since then. Dedicate a few minutes of your Tuesday to immerse yourself in this fresh visual below, and if you resonate with Kirachii's music, stay updated on her future releases by following her on Instagram: @KIRACHII___

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