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Killa Stone

Killa Stone, a native of New Orleans, gained recognition for his boxing prowess. His reputation as a formidable knockout artist stemmed from his juvenile detention days, with tales of jaw-breaking incidents in the projects.

Operating in the Magnolia neighborhood alongside figures like Hot Beezo and Gangsta, Stone entered the music scene influenced by his association with Soulja Slim. His signing with Cash Money Records included a notable contribution to the hit track "Still Fly."

Beyond his tough exterior, Stone showcased strategic thinking. In a critical situation where Gangsta planned to rob and harm individuals from New York, Stone, recognizing the severe consequences, opposed the idea.

Despite his opposition, Gangsta stole bricks from Stone's stash house, prompting Stone to retaliate by setting fire to Gangsta's new Infiniti truck in front of his mother's house just days before Christmas.

Following Gangsta's federal incarceration, the two reconciled through conversation. However, Killa Stone eventually found himself behind bars as well, succumbing to natural causes during his time in jail.

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