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Keyiara - I'm Not Sure"


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the gifted Singer/Songwriter Keyiara presents a captivating visual experience with her live performance of "I'm Not Sure." A gratifying endeavor we deeply enjoy is uncovering artists whose following might be modest but whose talent certainly deserves a broader spotlight. Sometimes these exceptional individuals are hindered from reaching wider audiences either due to limited exposure or the absence of a support network to propel their work forward. Yet, their artistic prowess remains unparalleled, and we're committed to ensuring their artistry doesn't fade into obscurity. Thus, our recent discovery of Keyiara led us to connect with her and explore what we've been missing.

Keyiara is a jewel among the plethora of gifted musicians emanating from the vibrant city of Atlanta. Today, she steps onto the stage of NOLAZINE, introducing her latest musical offering through the unveiling of the music video for "I'm Not Sure." From the very first notes of Keyiara's melodies, her immense talent and untapped potential became evident. What immediately struck us was her ability to infuse her singing with a unique charisma that's a rarity in today's musical landscape. Astonishingly, since our initial encounter, she's blossomed further as an artist, refining her craft.

We invite you to dedicate a few moments of your Monday to immerse yourself in this freshly minted visual masterpiece. If Keyiara's musical artistry resonates with you, ensure you're in tune with her forthcoming releases by joining her journey on Instagram.


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