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KeePushinKp Releases Visuals For "Who I Am"

Hailing from Mississippi, the rapper KeePushinKp unveils the visuals for her latest creation, "Who I Am." A particular moment arises while immersing in the sounds of a new artist—a moment that unveils the substantial impact they are destined to make, showcasing their genuine intentions. A mere encounter with their music offers a glimpse into the wellspring of their passion, the influences that shape them, and their sheer adoration for the melodies they craft. Establishing such an intimate connection with artists is a rarity, yet when it unfolds, it becomes an undeniable force that can't be overlooked. This succinct introduction ushers us into the heart of this discussion, directed at our latest revelation—KeePushinKp. While a veil of mystery might shroud the details of this remarkably skilled Hip Hop Artist, one undeniable truth shines through: KeePushinKp is an artist deserving of the closest attention. Her most recent music video, "Who I Am," stands as a striking exemplar of an artist you'll undoubtedly wish to acquaint yourself with.

Connect with KeePushinKp on Instagram to delve deeper into her artistic journey:


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