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Kaliq2x Drops Visuals For "Hood Olympics"

Hailing from East Atlanta, Georgia, the music artist Kaliq2x unveils his latest music video, "Hood Olympics." Amidst the vibrant tapestry of musical talents that Atlanta boasts, Kaliq2x stands as a radiant gem.

Today marks his debut appearance on NOLAZINE, showcasing his newly released music video for "Hood Olympics." From the moment we encountered Kaliq2x's musical creations, his abundant talent and potential became evident. Among the initial observations was his ability to infuse his rapping with a distinct charisma that's a rarity, and intriguingly, his artistry has evolved even further since then. Dedicate a fraction of your Friday to indulge in this freshly unveiled visual masterpiece. And if Kaliq2x's music resonates with you, ensure you remain in tune with his forthcoming releases by extending your support on his Instagram platform.


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