JayArson Pays Tribute To The Late New Orleans Rap Legend In New Music Video Titled "Lil Derrick"

New Orleans, LA Music Artist JayArson pays tribute to the Local Rap Legend Lil Derrick. Lil Derrick, who was also known as Bulletproof, was there in the very early days and unfortunately lost his life in 2002, soon after things began to take off. Lil Derrick was from New Orleans, just like most of his Cash Money label mates. While very little info is out there concerning his murder, he appeared on multiple Cash Money songs before his untimely death. The young rapper was actually an original member of The Hot Boys, but left the soon-to-be world famous crew before they dropped a project, meaning he wasn't on big albums such as their 1999's Guerrilla Warfare.

He was Birdman's nephew and you can hear the similarities in their rap style and cadence on Juvenile's Hot Boys-assisted "Spittin Game." Lil Derrick's verse on this song was all street talk and a quick synopsis of his bloodline: "Flippin' hunnids to G's/Hoopties, to Benzies/I get my keys, from my uncle KC/He's a Magnolia soldier/Did 10 in Angola." The song appeared on Juve's second album, Solja Rags, which dropped in 1997.

Lil Derrick didn't get to see Cash Money's heyday, but he surely wasn't forgotten.

There are multiple different strategies that artists seem to take in the music industry. They can either release an overflow of music videos at a rampant rate, spend years on a single album in order to make sure it’s flawless, or just drop a project maybe once a year that seems to have some effort, but an entire artist’s career might not be riding on its success. For New Orleans rap veteran JayArson, he takes the best qualities of all these scenarios and mashes them together. He releases constant music videos every couple of weeks at least while also ensuring that everything from the production, to the features, and of course his own verses are done to the best of his ability. Here is his latest music video "Lil Derrick".



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