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Jacksonville, Florida Artist Kijan Boone Drops "Set The Meter"

Jacksonville, Florida rapper Kijan Boone has been blowing up over the past few months or so with hit records like "Im Not The Same" and "Trippin On Me", and today he is making his debut on NOLAZINE with his new record titled "Set The Meter". Kijan Boone is one of the most unique new artists in the game, in our opinion, his rap style is different than most but after a few listens it just gets more and more catchy. On this song, Kijan Boone really got to talking his shit but just like he always does. We are very interested to see what Kijan Boone can continue to do within the next year or so, he should be nominee for the XXL Freshmen Class and we think that he would have a real chance to make the list, so keep an eye out for him moving forward. Take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch to this brand new music video below!

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