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J. Ellis And Jigg Star Drops New Music Video Titled "Talk Yo Sh!t"

Louisiana music artists J. Ellis and Jigg Star drops a new banger music video titled "Talk Yo Sh!t" with a skit by the legend Ziggler Da Wiggler. We've been long-time admirers of J. Ellis and Jigg Star, and we're confident that they'll soon become fans of NOLAZINE after perusing this article. What sets these artists apart is their remarkable ability to adapt and exhibit versatility, tailoring their presentation to match the essence of the song they're crafting. When we stumbled upon their recent collaborative effort, it felt like a destined partnership. Given the immense talents that both artists possess, we had no doubt that they'd not only make this track work but also make it shine.

The title of this fresh hit is "Talk Yo Sh!t," and upon our initial listen, it quickly became evident that our instincts were on point. While their styles each have their distinct flavor, it's the mid-song switch-up that truly infuses this track with dynamism and leaves a lasting impression. The production features lively keys, seamlessly interwoven with carefree synths, a refreshing percussion groove, and impactful yet subtly controlled drum patterns. This musical canvas provides the perfect backdrop for J. Ellis's vocals, which shine brilliantly from the very beginning to the very last note of the track.

Follow them on Instagram: @JELLIS.SMG3 and @JIGG_SMG3

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