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India Carney Releases "Where Your Heart Is"

Introducing the mesmerizing talent of India Carney, a singer hailing from Brooklyn, New York, who has just unveiled the captivating visuals for "Where Your Heart Is." Our passion lies in discovering artists with immense potential who, despite their limited following, deserve the spotlight. Often, these artists lack the means to reach wider audiences or a robust support system to amplify their exposure. Nonetheless, their talent shines brightly, and we believe it's crucial not to let their efforts go unnoticed. When we stumbled upon India Carney's artistry a week ago, we knew we had to connect and uncover the gems we'd been missing.

India Carney contributes to the wealth of musical talent that the state of New York has to offer, and today marks her debut on NOLAZINE with the release of her fresh music video, "Where Your Heart Is." From the moment we first experienced India Carney's music, her immense talent and boundless potential were evident. She possesses a charisma in her singing that is rare, a quality that sets her apart in a truly exceptional manner. Remarkably, she has continued to refine her skills as an artist since then.

As you wind down this Friday, take a few moments to immerse yourself in this enchanting new visual below. If India Carney's music resonates with you, be sure to stay updated on her upcoming releases by following her on Instagram.


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