Houston, Texas Female Music Artist Leah Jaye Drops Visuals For "Why"

#LeahJaye #Nolazine

Houston, Texas native Leah Jaye drops visuals for "Why" shot by @Paxgfx. When it comes to truly not caring about offending others and especially not catering to anyone’s feelings, in particular, Leah Jaye can take the crown and run with it. She speaks what’s on her mind whether it’s topics about everyday life or other typically controversial issues, and she have no apologies once her opinion hit her audience. This sort of grittiness and unapologetic behavior has partially led her to her place in the music industry, but her lyricism and ways of delivering these topics have got to be the other factors that add to her notoriety. She never shy away from confrontation and, in fact, she go out of her way to let it be known, so you know a female music artist as daring as her has something important to say, whether you agree or not. Be sure to watch into "Why", and follow Leah Jaye on instagram


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