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Hotboi Skullie Makes His Return To Nolazine With His Video "Givenchy"

Returning to Nolazine with a bang, Nawf Atlanta, Georgia-based music artist Hotboi Skullie presents another captivating music video titled "Givenchy," taken from his latest project "HotHead 2." Around two years ago, we had the pleasure of discovering the immense talent of Hotboi Skullie, an Atlanta emcee who was making significant waves in the music scene with his distinct flow and unparalleled sound. From the very first song we heard, we jumped on the bandwagon and became instant fans. Since then, his trajectory has skyrocketed, and rightfully so.

"Givenchy" itself is an absolute banger, captivating listeners from the very moment they hit play. With an exceptional beat crafted by Breitling Beats, an infectious hook, and impressively delivered verses, the song is a true standout. However, it is the Sincerely Mizu-directed video that takes this release to another level.

After giving this track multiple spins, we delved into Hotboi Skullie's complete discography, which left us just as impressed as this particular song did. We are incredibly excited to keep up with this rising star and have plans for an upcoming interview with him in the near future. Stay tuned!

Experience Hotboi Skullie's single and indulge in the captivating visuals for "Givenchy" on YouTube below!

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