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HotBoi Skullie Drops New Music Video For "Stunna"

Nawf Atlanta, Georgia rapper Hotboi Skullie drops new music video for "Stunna" produced Seth Da Chef and directed by Sincerely.Mizu. Whether you’re a listener, an artist, or have anything else to do with music, it’s an art that always comes with a journey. It’s a journey that we find fascinating because it always leads somewhere that you might not expect, but you can learn so much about yourself and others if you really take it seriously and pay attention to the details.

While he is one to release visuals often, we feel like it makes his music even more special because each new track is even more of a spectacle, and his latest drop "Stunna" is certainly no exception. The song itself is a Trap Banga, Strip Club Banger, and just a overall good song.


We feel as if this visual acts as more of a short film than an actual music video that shows off a lifestyle, but it’s a refreshing and creative change of pace from what fans might be used to experiencing from musicians at this point in time. Clearly, Hotboi Skullie is on another wavelength in terms of innovation and imagination. Although we are not sure when the mainstream record labels will tap in with him, but one thing we can tell you is Hotboi Skullie will not let up putting out back to back visuals until they notice him. Take a few minutes out of your Monday to watch this brand new visual below, and if you like Hotboi Skullie's music then keep up with his future releases by giving him a follow on Instagram here

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