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Highway Zay - Receipts

Cecilia, Louisiana native Highway Zay delivers music video "Receipts" directed by Hv3Visual. The Louisiana rap scene is akin to a complex tapestry, woven with layers upon layers of artistic brilliance, where the accolades they accrue seem inexhaustible. While luminaries like Lil Wayne, NBA Youngboy, and Rob49 proudly claim Louisiana as their home, a steady stream of emerging artists continually etches their names onto the musical canvas on a grassroots level.

Amidst this flourishing landscape, Highway Zay rises as a standout talent representing Louisiana. In recent years, he has devoted unwavering dedication and tireless effort to refining his craft. Although he might not have garnered the recognition we believe he genuinely deserves, he unwaveringly commits to delivering his artistry consistently—a devotion that undoubtedly holds the promise of significant rewards on the horizon. Immerse yourself in his latest music video, "Receipts," to experience firsthand the depth of his artistic prowess.

Stay connected with Highway Zay's journey on Instagram:

Instagram: @HIGHWAYZAY

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