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Harvey, Louisiana Music Artist DWeezy Da Great Drops "Omertà"

Harvey, Louisiana native DWeezy Da Great drops visuals for "Omertà". The more we keep our eyes on the blossoming music scene in Louisiana, the more we find ourselves discovering additional incredible artists taking the state by storm. Usually, we're put on to artists through features on songs with other rappers, but we've been trying our best to pay attention to other artists using other platforms. Recently, we came in contact with a music artist who goes by the name of DWeezy Da Great, and he’s definitely not a newcomer if you’ve been paying attention.


There’s clearly room for DWeezy Da Great to grow as an artist after listening to his song “Omertà”, but his talents are already overly abundant and his potential is probably higher than most up and coming artists you could name off the top of your head. His voice is diverse when compared to his other Louisianan counterparts with the fact that it is slightly melodious and more tuneful than most of the other artists from his state, but it has almost this Drill quality that sets him apart from his fellow Louisiana peers.


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