Hartford, Connecticut Artist Big Bread Jrock Drops "Big Bread"

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

#BigBreadJrock #Nolazine

Hartford, Connecticut native Big Bread Jrock drops visuals to "Big Bread" shot by FinalFocusFilms. The way Big Bread Jrock voice cuts through the trap production gets emphasized even more by his lyrical abilities as well. His slick-tongued and dextrous bars carry with them the confident execution of a seasoned veteran, making it all the more enticing for a listener to buy-in to his boastful lyrics. The accompanying music video is just the right amount of visually captivating for this shorter track, popping his sh*t carelessly through his city Hartford, Connecticut doing the day.

One of the strongest tools at a rapper’s disposal that can set them apart from other artists is the tone of their voice. It’s an underrated quality that often goes unnoticed, but we are sure if most of us think of our own favorite rappers, each of them would have a distinct and memorable vocal quality. Enter Big Bread Jrock, a promising emcee from Hatford, Connecticut who’s self-assured, gravelly presence on his new track “Big Bread” makes exactly the type of first impression that leaves a lasting impact.


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