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GlizzyBandit - Blrdd

Louisiana music artist GlizzyBandit drops visuals for "Blrdd". It’s always a pleasure having the opportunity to highlight an artist on NOLAZINE for the first time, especially when it’s someone who you think has the potential to really make some serious moves in the near future. Everything is a build, but some artists have a bit more potential to have an explosive come up and that’s exactly how we been feeling recently about Louisiana next rising star, GlizzyBandit.

GlizzyBandit is one of the many talented music artist that the state of Louisiana has to offer, and today he is making his debut onto our website with the release of his brand new music video for "Blrdd". Since the first time we heard GlizzyBandit's music, we knew instantly that he had a ton of talent + potential, one of the first things we noticed is that he sings with a certain type of charisma that you just don’t see every day, and the wild part is, since then he has improved as an artist. Take a few minutes out of your Thursday to watch this brand new visual below, and if you like GlizzyBandit's music then keep up with his future releases by giving him a follow on Instagram here

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