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GET'EM - Outta Line

New Orleans, Louisiana rapper Get'em releases music video for "Outta Line". Over the last decade, the underground music scene in New Orleans has proven itself as the thriving nucleus for the future of hip-hop. Today, we spotlight an artist who epitomizes the scene's evolution and enduring strength. Get'Em is an artist whose arrival we've eagerly anticipated for some time.

Ultimately, this record stands as a stellar addition to Get'Em's steadily expanding discography. Both the song and its accompanying video exude excellence, showcasing Get'Em's incomprehensible potential. "Outta Line" emerges as a masterpiece tailored for aficionados of the distinctive southern sound, firmly establishing Get'Em as an artist whose impact cannot be underestimated. His journey in the industry has laid down one of the most remarkable career foundations in recent memory. Dive into his latest music video, "Outta Line," below.

Follow Get'Em on Instagram: @FASHO_MONEY_

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