Gastonia, North Carolina Artist Swish Aceytho Drops "Hit Like That"

#SwishAceytho #Nolazine

Gastonia, North Carolina artist Swish Aceytho drops visuals for "Hit Like That" directed by Millie Haze. Effectively utilizing apps like Instagram to get people familiar with his personality before dropping music has allowed Swish Aceytho to get the hard work of building an initial fanbase out of the way and is now ready to take things to the next level. The video for “Hit Like That” dropped a month ago and his infectious flow will have you bobbing your head almost instantly. Swish personality is what made the initial splash but now that his music is beginning to take off its only a matter of time before the North Carolina-based rapper is leading the next viral music video.

There is really no one way to become a successful rapper. With the possibilities growing by the second, there are paths to stardom that would be inconceivable to a previous generation. Today we have a NOLAZINE debut from a rapper named Swish Aceytho, who has been able to build a serious fanbase before even releasing his latest single.



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