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Gar Drops Visuals For "Strictly Business Featuring BagChaser Dell

New Orleans, Louisiana music legend Gar drops visuals for "Strictly Business" featuring BagChaser Dell shot by @JuniorUp1. New Orleans is in the midst of a resurgence, poised to leave an indelible mark on the southern music scene. The local community of artists is steadily fostering mutual support, while media platforms are expanding, resulting in a constant stream of fresh talent emerging from the New Orleans music scene. It feels like not a single day passes without a new artist or song captivating our attention. Most recently, our radar detected the legendary Gar from New Orleans.

Our admiration for Gar has been steadfast over the years, and we are confident that he will reciprocate our appreciation after perusing this article. His unique talent is prominently displayed through his remarkable ability to adapt and present himself in diverse ways, tailored to the nature of the song he's crafting. When we stumbled upon his recent collaboration with BagChaser Dell, it felt like a destined partnership. With the immense talent possessed by both artists, we were assured that they would not only make this track work but elevate it to an exceptional level.

The title of this fresh hit is "Strictly Business," and after our initial listen, it quickly became apparent that our instincts were on the mark. While their individual styles are distinctive, it's the mid-song shift that injects a dynamic energy and leaves a lasting impression. The production features lively keys harmonizing with relaxed, carefree synths, invigorating percussion, and impactful yet subtly controlled drums. This musical canvas provides the perfect stage for Gar's vocals to shine brilliantly from the very beginning to the closing moments of the track.

Follow Gar on Instagram: @GARCERTIFIED1

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