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Remembering Everlasting Hitman: A Brief yet Impactful Bounce Legacy

Photography by Polo Silk

In the chronicles of New Orleans bounce, Everlasting Hitman stands as a figure whose impact resonates despite the brevity of his musical journey. Born Floyd Blount, this bounce rap artist left an indelible mark on the local scene before his life was tragically cut short at the age of 21.

While details about Everlasting Hitman's life are scant, the echoes of his presence in the bounce community are embedded in the recollections of fellow artists. Sporty T, a notable figure in New Orleans hip-hop, acknowledged the transformative power of Hitman's music. In a deleted interview, Sporty T shared that his perception of bounce shifted when he heard Everlasting Hitman perform, describing him as a "lil’ potna" whose artistry garnered appreciation.

According to Lil Ya, another artist from the scene, Everlasting Hitman was among the pioneers of gangsta rap in the bars. T.T. Tucker, a prominent figure in bounce, referred to Hitman as part of the original crew when reflecting on his life. Though limited, these glimpses into Hitman's influence underscore his role in shaping the early landscape of New Orleans bounce.

Everlasting Hitman's discography may be concise, consisting of tracks like "Work That Back," "Holla If You Hear Me," and "Bounce! Baby, Bounce!" However, this limited output encapsulates a pivotal moment in the evolution of bounce. "Bounce! Baby, Bounce!" is noted for introducing a more lyrical dimension to the genre, departing from the sing-songy chants that characterized early bounce.

Tragically, on February 3, 1996, Everlasting Hitman's promising journey came to a halt when he was shot and killed in the Fischer Housing Development on the West Bank—a space that no longer exists. He was remembered as a source of inspiration and leadership in the realm of music. Kenneth Taylor, co-owner of Mobo Records, attested to Hitman's influence, noting that he played a pivotal role in nurturing young aspiring artists.

Everlasting Hitman's legacy lives on in the memories of those who witnessed his impact on New Orleans bounce. His contributions, though brief, remain an integral part of the city's vibrant musical tapestry, a testament to the resilience and creativity of artists navigating the challenges of the streets while leaving an enduring mark on the world of music.

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