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Edub - SuckaFree

Columbia, South Carolina music artist Edub delivers visuals for "Sucka Free". Today, we're excited to showcase a rising star from South Carolina. Edub, an emerging talent, makes her electrifying debut on the NOLAZINE stage with her empowering track "SuckaFree."

Lasting just over a minute, "SuckaFree" bursts with vitality, placing Edub's magnetic charisma at the forefront amid a backdrop of high-octane production. She undoubtedly stands out as one of South Carolina's musical gems, gracing our platform once again with the premiere of her newest music video.

Right from the get-go, Edub's musical prowess and boundless potential shine. Her magnetic approach to rap immediately grabs attention, setting her apart from the ordinary. What's truly remarkable is her continuous growth and evolution as an artist.

This Wednesday, take a moment to immerse yourself in this exhilarating visual experience. If Edub's music resonates with you, keep an eye out for her upcoming releases by following her on Instagram. This signals just the start of what promises to be an engaging journey for this incredibly talented artist.

Follow Edub on Instagram: @ONLY1.EDUB

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