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A Rising Talent from New Orleans East: Discovering BM$ Jayy

BM$ Jayy, a New Orleans East rapper, began his musical journey at the age of 19, releasing his debut project in the pandemic year of 2020. Inspired by the stories of his family from a small area in New Orleans East known as "The Goose," BM$ Jayy channels these life experiences into his music, creating energetic tracks focused on success and perseverance.

One of our passions is uncovering artists with small followings who deserve greater recognition. Often, these talented individuals lack access to broader audiences or a support system to help them gain exposure. Despite these challenges, their talent is undeniable, and we aim to highlight their efforts. When we discovered BM$ Jayy recently, we knew we had to delve deeper into his work and share it with others.

Listening to a new artist can be a transformative experience, revealing their passion, influences, and love for their craft. This connection, though rare, is impossible to ignore when it happens. Our latest discovery, BM$ Jayy, exemplifies this phenomenon. While not much is widely known about this incredibly talented hip-hop artist, it’s clear that he is someone to watch closely. His latest single, "Block Boy," serves as a powerful introduction to his music. Be sure to check out the video below and add it to your playlist!


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