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Devey X Dyce Payso - Uncomfortable

Far Rockaway Queens, New York rapper Deveye drops music video for "Uncomfortable" featuring Dyce Payso. "Uncomfortable" emerges as the title of this brand-new hit, and upon our initial listen, our expectations were rightfully confirmed. While the song's two halves possess distinct sounds, it's the change in tempo midway that truly renders this piece dynamic and striking. The production unfolds with carefree keys entwined with relaxed, breezy synths, invigorating percussion, and subtle yet impactful drumbeats. This melodic arrangement sets the stage for Deveye's vocals to shine, captivating listeners from the song's onset to its final moments.

Our admiration for Deveye burgeoned today following the release of his new single, cementing our belief that he will also find a home among NOLAZINE's admirers after this article. His unique prowess in seamlessly switching styles to suit the essence of each song he creates left a lasting impression. Our discovery of his collaboration with Dyce Paso led us to delve into their new track. The pairing seemed destined, given the immense talent both artists possess. Our confidence in their ability to not only craft this track but to elevate it to brilliance was well-founded.

Stay tuned with Devey on Instagram: @THEREALDEVEYE.

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