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Decatur, Alabama Music Artist J Hagen Drops Visuals For "Stats"

Decatur, Alabama Music Artist J Hagen drops visuals for "Stats" shot by Geekd TV. One of the strongest tools at a rapper’s disposal that can set them apart from other artists is the tone of their voice. It’s an underrated quality that often goes unnoticed, but we are sure if most of us think of our own favorite rappers, each of them would have a distinct and memorable vocal quality. Enter J Hagen, a promising emcee from Alabama who’s self-assured, gravelly presence on his new track “Stats” makes exactly the type of first impression that leaves a lasting impact.

As everybody knows Alabama is absolutely loaded with young musical talent, so often times we feel like our readers are quick to write-off some of the lesser-known acts in the city working to get their names known, and J Hagen is without a question one of our new favorite artists from Alabama who is definitely not new, but still yet to fully capture the world attention, but we don’t think that will remain the case for very long if J Hagen continues to drop visuals like "Stats".


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