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Dallas, Texas Music Artist Jayo Da'Mayor Releases "Stack Or Starve"

Dallas, Texas native Jayo Da'Mayor releases "Stack Or Starve" with 11 banging tracks. We often write about how crowded and talented the Texas music scene is across the board but even more densely populated with budding superstars is the group of producers from the city, ranging from mainstream mainstays to underground icons, it is very difficult for a music artist to stand out with a unique sound and perhaps even more difficult for one to build his brand from behind a laptop or even in the streets.

We have already had a few talented artists make their initial appearance on our website today, and the latest Music Artist to make his debut on NOLAZINE that goes by Jayo Da'Mayor who just released a dope new project titled "Stack or Starve". Although we knew a little about Jayo Da'Mayor before this album but it didn’t take us more than a few seconds into track number 1 "In The Suites" to realize that Jayo Da'Mayor had some serious talent, he has an unique rap flow and clearly has mastered the ability on how to craft a pleasing album together. This project has some great transitions in between each song, it flowed together seamlessly and it made for a great all-around project, it’s a must-listen in our book. Take some time out of your Wednesday to listen to his new album, who knows, you might discover your favorite new artist in the process.


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