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Cortney Lachelle - Naked

Emerging from the vibrant R&B scene in Oklahoma is the captivating artist Cortney Lachelle, whose latest video for "Naked" from her album "Not 1 Love Song" has just dropped. Despite our prior knowledge of her talent, we've only now managed to put the spotlight on her. Cortney Lachelle has been making waves on various media platforms, making it evident that she's an R&B artist deserving of our attention.

Hailing from the state of Oklahoma, Cortney Lachelle adds to the pool of incredible musical talent, and today, she makes her debut on NOLAZINE with her fresh and enticing music video for "Naked". From the moment we first encountered Cortney Lachelle's music, it was clear that she possessed immense talent and potential. Her unique charisma shines through her vocals, setting her apart in a truly remarkable way. Astonishingly, she has continued to refine her artistry since then.

As you unwind on this Friday, take a few moments to indulge in this captivating new visual below. If Cortney Lachelle's music resonates with you, be sure to keep up with her future releases by following her on Instagram.


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