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Cincinnati, Ohio Native Trap CEO Drops Visuals For "Airplane Mode"

Introducing Trap Ceo, a promising rapper hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, who has now graced us with the release of his latest music video, "Airplane Mode." In a world where new artists are emerging at an unprecedented rate, it becomes nearly impossible to keep up with the abundance of raw talent continuously coming our way. As writers, A&R professionals, and avid listeners, we are fortunate to have a constant stream of exciting up-and-coming artists being introduced to us from various industry sources.

Among the talented musicians Ohio has to offer, Trap Ceo stands out, and today marks his debut on our website with the unveiling of his brand new music video for "Airplane Mode." From the moment we first heard Trap Ceo's music, his immense talent and potential were evident. There's a certain charisma in his rap delivery that captivates listeners, a quality not commonly found in today's music landscape. Astonishingly, Trap Ceo has shown significant growth as an artist since our initial encounter. Take a few minutes out of your Tuesday to immerse yourself in this fresh visual experience below. If Trap Ceo's music resonates with you, stay tuned for his future releases by following him on Instagram.

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